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""A !" -'Desert Island Keeper'" from All About Romance

"If it sounds like I'm talking about living, breathing people, then I've done my job. That I can envision Daphne and Alexander years into the future, with conversations and arguments, hurts and laughter, is the highest praise I can give. Ms. Marshall's previous book was very good; Castaway Dreams is remarkable."    --- Jean Wan

"A +" from Penelope's Romance Reviews

"Castaway Dreams is ridiculously adorable and pretty damned close to flawless. It is beautifully written and has two fabulous main characters . . . Oh dear Lordy! This is the way I LOVE my romance novels. With ROMANCE! . . . This book made me swoony!"

    "Four Stars" - USA Today Books

"A very cute, adventurous book. I encourage you all to try this author's voice. (She has a great backlist, too.)."   --- Mandi Schreiner, USA Today Books

    "Four Stars" from SOS Aloha!

"Marshall steps outside the Regency 'ballroom' box with her offbeat characters, adventurous setting, and witty dialogue that will delight historical fans. Just be prepared to laugh out loud!"    --- Kim at SOS Aloha

    "Four Stars!"

"Fans of action driven historical romance--this one is for you! The romance is hot, the writing is smart, and the plot is just plain fun."   --- Reading to Penguins

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"Beach/High Seas list!" - from Best Selling Author Connie Brockaway

"I love a good girl-poses-as-boy story. Add in a pirate captain and a slow simmering attraction, and I'm hooked. (Resign yourself to the marine allusions.) Darlene Marshall does both in her wonderful Sea Change. . . .funny, yet poignant tale of a woman struggling to find her way in a man's world (and on his ship)"

"Recommended Read" B+ from Dear Author!

"I love that you've staked out early 19th century... sea captains, privateers and pirates. David and Charley are...matched perfectly with strength meeting strength."
   --- Jayne, at Dear Author

"5 out of 5 !" from Book Binge!

"I got sucked into Charley's story right from the get go and about halfway through, I knew I was reading a book I'd be listing as a top read for 2011. And I was right. Sea Change is going to be in my top 5 reads for this year. 5 out of 5."   --- Ames, Book Binge

    "Five Stars" from Pirates and Privateers!

"A fast-paced and captivating historical romance. The characters are well drawn and Marshall's portrayal of Charley deftly shows how women of the period successfully passed themselves off as men while at the same time showing the difficulties and privations they faced in doing so. The depth of the author's research enriches the story and transports the reader onto the ships and into the lush tropics of the Caribbean, be it in Jamaica or the brothel on Santa Rosa, during the War of 1812."    --- Cindy Vallar, Pirates and Privateers--The History of Maritime Piracy

"Five Hearts!"

"From the first page to the last, this is an entertaining, delightful read. The dialogue is witty and charming. David and Charley have a wonderful rapport . . . The story is often funny and sometimes touching . . . I enjoyed this historical romance very much and highly recommend it."   --- The Romance Studio

"Sea Change is not just a romance story between David and Charlotte, but it is also Charlotte's journey - her plight to prove to people she is a capable doctor. More importantly, to prove to herself she can handle these situations. She is put to the test many times, She is never arrogant in her care, and although she must put on a confidant demeanor of a man, she often has an internal struggle of keeping her wit about her as she carries on her business. I really like her as a heroine.""   --- Smexy Books

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"...Hot damn if you haven't come through like a champ."

"I've been waiting a long time for your next book but hot damn if you haven't come through like a champ. We've got pirates, um - I mean privateers, pirate treasure, hot sexing, early Florida, lots of insects and a great match up of hero and heroine. Yep, well worth the wait....A fantastically matched couple, fun and adventure, seeing Captain Sinister again = a happy Jayne when I electronically flipped the last page. B+"   --- Dear Author

"...A wonderful romp through the wilds of Spanish Florida. Laced with a host of unique characters, intriguing clues that reveal the depth of Marshall's research, and humorous lines, this spellbinding tale snares the reader from the opening page to the end...This delightfully entertaining romance is sure to capture a pirate lover's heart""   --- Pirates and Privateers

"Rating: A-"

"Thanks, Darlene, for recommending your book to me! This book was indeed the perfect romance novel for a trip to Sanibel-Captiva. It is a charming, well-written historical romance set in 19th century Florida. It combines adventure, fascinating historical tidbits about 19th century Florida (including maritime history, slavery, and cool stuff about the territories and villages of Northeast Florida in the 1800's), very appealing characters, and an intriguing treasure hunt-storyline. The hero is a sexy-as-hell "pirate," the heroine is a spunky treasure hunter, and their love story is sweet if not somewhat predictable. I loved this!"    --- Penelope's Romance Reviews

5/5! = "Awesome!"

"I can't say enough how wonderful this book is. The ending is just perfect - and will have you laughing and sighing, and not wanting this adventure to come to an end. The Bride and The Buccaneer is a wonderful tale full of humor, adventure, and a lovely romance that will sweep you away"--- Smexy Books

"The strongest aspects of The Bride And The Buccaneer are the chemistry, banter system, and likability of its two adorable main characters.... a wonderful time reading this story because Jack and Sophia are simply too much fun..."    --- Mrs. Giggles

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4 1/2 stars! "Fantastic"

  "Marshall's poignant tale of love is highlighted by humor...A delightful tale of love on the high seas."   --- Romantic Times Book Reviews


"Let me tell you a little secret about my enthralling time spent reading PIRATE'S PRICE. I did not put it down. Not once. Not for any reason."  --- Romance Reader At Heart

"The course of this romance is not smooth, but it is addictive for the reader. Most of the action takes place on the sea, and many of the pirate scenes with their almost campy double innuendos had this reader laughing out loud..... PIRATE'S PRICE is an enjoyable historical tale with quite a twist. I would definitely recommend it and look forward to Darlene Marshall's forthcoming historical books SMUGGLER'S BRIDE and CAPTAIN SINISTER'S LADY." --- Fallen Angel Reviews

"An absorbing historical romance with a twist. When the heroine becomes a pirate, she has two specific goals: recover her wealth and secure a divorce and, once accomplished, she shall disappear. Darlene Marshall deftly weaves historical facts about pirates into this swashbuckling tale, and the pirates who serve under Captain Daniels make for a most interesting take on the male-dominated maritime world"
--- Pirates and Privateers

"The part I loved best about this book, and it was literally a laugh out loud experience, was the camp of it. This book was a great deal of fun to read, and it must have been fun to write"   --- Smart Bitches Who Love Trashy Novels

Four Cups!--"The love scenes sizzle and the angst of the two leads feels very genuine. I will watch for further historical romps from this talented author."    --- Coffee Time Reviews

Four Moons!--"The characterization is wonderful; you will cheer with the entire pirate crew as you wait to see if love will conquer all. PIRATE'S PRICE is a laugh-out-loud romance starring two stubborn lovers and a host of eccentric sidekicks. You won't be able to put it down"   --- The Best Reviews

"PIRATE'S PRICE is a terrific yarn!"   --- The Best Reviews

"PIRATE'S PRICE is a fun tale of piracy on the high seas with the most unlikely of crews. Ms Marshall employs a sense of humor to move the story forward...The characters are amusing and believable, and hold your attention to the end of the story...This historical romance is a quick read, but one well deserving the time."    --- Brenda Gayle, The Write Lifestyle

"PIRATE'S PRICE is a funfilled exciting tale of greed, marriage and piracy, sprinkled with humor...Ms. Marshall has provided us with a highly entertaining, well done story that will lift your spirits."
   --- Carol Durfee, The Word on Romance

"This novel had me turning the pages greedily in anticipation for what would come next...I would highly recommend this novel and I can't wait to read Ms. Marshall's next book!"    --- Scribesworld

"...a quick and lively tale full of adventure."    --- Romance Readers Connection

"What do you get when you turn an ugly duckling into a pirate princess, add an adoring gay sidekick and set events in motion with the wedding night from hell? A cheeky little romance..."    --- Writers Club Romance Group on AOL

"... a fun tale of piracy on the high seas with the most unlikely of crews...The characters are amusing and believable, and hold your attention to the end of the story."    --- The Write Lifestyle

"PIRATE'S PRICE is a funfilled exciting tale of greed, marriage and piracy, sprinkled with humor...Ms. Marshall has provided us with a highly entertaining welldone story that will lift your spirits.   --- The Word on Romance

"... a marvelously funny, sexy book. The plotting is worthy of a bedroom farce and the characters are perfect for their parts. The touching story of burgeoning love between husband and wife is laced with action, sex and humor."    --- CompuServe Romance Reviews

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4 stars! "Captivating"

  "Marshall weaves historical facts into a well-written and highly captivating romance. The scene in which Julia and Rand find out that neither is what the other thought is humorous as well as poignant. The author ties up loose ends with a big bow and has an extraordinary way of setting the plot for her next book.   --- Romantic Times Book Reviews


5 Cups!--Darlene Marshall has written a wonderful story filled with romance and humor. The sexual tension explodes between Julia and Rand. This book will keep you up late into the night. It is impossible to put down."   --- Coffee Time Reviews

8.5 Gargoyles!--"SMUGGLER'S BRIDE by Darlene Marshall was a superbly written historical, the first book that kept me reading till the wee hours of the morning in a long time. I loved the characters and how they interacted with each other, they were vibrant and realistic. You felt for Julia and Rand, as things got more and more complicated for them. Her perfect blend of historical romance with a slight touch eroticism was a breath of fresh air. I loved the way she made this entire book come together. I would most definitely read more by this author"   --- In The Library

"There are so many 'forced to live together' 'she isn't who she says she is' 'he isn't who he says he is' stories out there, and I can usually find one that takes place in just about every time period. What's different about SMUGGLER'S BRIDE is the twists applied to the intrigue, and the side characters like Ma Ivey that almost overshadow the main protagonists. It's as fun and light in tone as PIRATE'S PRICE and a pleasure to read"--- Smart Bitches Who Love Trashy Novels

"SMUGGLER'S BRIDE has it all, backwoods language, pirates, romance, thievery, secrets and lies all tied together for a wonderful tale of life in Florida and England long ago."  --- Roundtable Reviews

"...a fast-paced, adventurous, passionate and thrilling plot that will please any reader loving a good mystery or romance novel. Again, Ms. Marshall has written a great yarn!"--- The Best Reviews

"SMUGGLER'S BRIDE is full of romance and adventure. What's not to love about a tale with pirates, love, and pickled possums! There are definitely sparks between Julia and Rand, and the supporting characters are priceless. Ma Ivey and her sons are hilarious and very entertaining. Fans of Darlene Marshall will recognize some characters from PIRATE'S PRICE in this novel. You'll definitely want to give this one a read, as I think you will really enjoy this tale of love and pirates set in Florida Territory, 1843"   --- Romance Reader At Heart

"SMUGGLER'S BRIDE is a lush and lovely piece, giving an accurate historical picture of what Florida was like in the mid-1800s. Plot twist and turns made this an exciting read. The descriptive passages are well-written; the trees, bugs, plants, and animals seem to almost leap off the page. I especially enjoyed the accuracy of the cooking practices, varieties of food, and entertainment common to this era. The characters have depth and realism; the tension and attraction between Rand and Julia serve to add layers to their relationship. Darlene Marshall pens a winner with SMUGGLER'S BRIDE."   --- Fallen Angel Reviews

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4 stars! "Hot enough to fire a ship. . ."

  "Marshall's third book showcases the author's growth and increasing talent. The not-so-young hero will appeal to over-30 readers as well as any woman who yearns for a man to sweep her off her feet. The romance and sensuality are hot enough to fire a ship and tender enough to bring tears to a romantic's eyes."
   --- Romantic Times Book Reviews

"A fast read with cute characters and terrific plot."--- Paperback Reader

Reviewers Award Winner-- "Marshall writes with skill and depth, drawing readers into the lives of her characters, and providing the 'get away' experience that every romance reader craves. CAPTAIN SINISTER'S LADY is a must read for anyone who loves a good pirate tale and longs for a little adventure!""   --- The Road to Romance

5 Stars from Pirates and Privateers Newsletter--"CAPTAIN SINISTER'S LADY is an exquisite love story that's perfect for a rainy day or a lazy day on the beach... Darlene Marshall captures the reader's attention from the first page, and never allows you to escape until the end. She deftly combines historical fact with fiction, and brings alive Savannah and Saint Augustine of old. The romance of Morgan and Amanda delights and thrills, recapturing the essence of old-time romances, while adding a few twists and turns that provide just the right spice.""   --- Pirates and Privateers

Five Hearts!--"CAPTAIN SINISTER'S LADY is another wonderful story from Darlene Marshall...Her stories offer a blend of adventure, romance, and humor. Morgan knows nothing about how to treat a lady and this leads to most of the humor in the story. Amanda is strong willed and does not back down when confronted by a large hairy pirate... The characters in this story are very likeable and like all her stories very richly created. The dialogue is well written and flows smoothly... The passion fairly sparks between Morgan and Amanda and the story is very sensual. I recommend CAPTAIN SINISTER'S LADY because it has something for everyone and will sure to become a favorite among readers."   --- The Romance Studio

4 Ribbons!--"Adventure, romance and pirates - what more could you ask for? I enjoyed CAPTAIN SINISTER'S LADY very much. It was humorous, exciting and romantic. Several historically true characters were included, as were historical events. A nice blend of fact and fiction that I liked quite well."   --- Romance Junkies

"Anyone who has despaired of the current state of romance can rejoice that Darlene Marshall has written of pirates -- um, privateers, courageous women, dastardly villains and a happy ever after that readers can believe in...Darlene Marshall knows how to weave action to character and adventure to the situation in which her characters find themselves. CAPTAIN SINISTER'S LADY is filled with high adventure and heart-stirring romance that fit the time in which the story is set. The good nature and great humor of the main characters and their friends remain with the reader long after their story is finished."   --- Books Forum

"[Amanda's] intelligent, an astute business woman in a career that makes sense for the time and a good match for her often rough-around-the-edges husband. And Morgan is believable as a tough sailor who's slightly clumsy at wooing the woman he knows is The One for him."   --- Dear

"I really like Amanda as a heroine. She wins me over from the first page when it's clear that she has a workable plan when she sets out to America. She's a refreshing change from those stupid nitwits that board a ship after they spent the last of their money on the fare only to wander around like witless fools on a distant shore with no plan and no money. For a long time, she keeps her wits around her and acts like an intelligent, sensible heroine. Morgan can be high-handed at times but his bluster hides the fact that he is socially inept when it comes to women that he wants to woo and marry. He's an adorable mix of the arrogant alpha-male and the mushy beta-hero."   --- Mrs. Giggles

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